the only band for your big day. check some of our friends out

Having been on the Wedding circuit as long as the band have, they've made some great friends along the way. Below is a list of other wedding suppliers that you might want to check out when you're planning your big day.


String Quarets Manchester
This is home to the fantastic Manchester Unity String Quartet who we think are the best the North West has to offer. Great value and lovely guys!  

Wedding Bands Cheshire 
These guys are a 5 piece so they're a bit bigger than us but absolutely brilliant. They're won the 'Best UK Wedding Band' a few times as well as some Radio Academy Awards so they really are top notch. We pass each other gigs now and again so I'd really recommend them!  

Magicians Leeds - John Dornan
We've become good friends with John Over the Years and would really recommend him if you're looking for a fantastic magician to be part of your day.  

Wedding Bands Yorkshire - Phil Rostance & The Marshall Band
These guys really need no introduction to you if you've been looking for Wedding Bands you'll already have come across them. Great band and great lads!